Appsafrica Innovation Awards 2015

Appsafrica Innovation Awards 2015 Categories

The Innovation Awards 2015 celebrate the enormous growth in mobile, technology and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Appsafrica Innovation Awards 2015, welcomes applications for the following award categories;

1. Best disruptive innovation
Business models are being disrupted across the continent using technology and innovation. This award seeks to recognise the disruptive innovations and new business models that are changing Africa now. Apply now

2. Best mobile innovation
This award is open to all MNO’s, VAS providers, manufacturer’s, service providers, developers and entrepreneurs who have created innovative mobile services for African businesses or consumers. Apply now

3. Best non data mobile innovation (using SMS/USSD/ IVR)
While smartphone penetration is increasing, the majority of African’s still use basic handsets. This award recognises mobile innovations that do not use mobile data and utilise either SMS, USSD, IVR or other non-data driven services. Apply now

4. Best African app
App development has exploded in Africa. This award recognises the best applications successfully launched on any platform to target African consumers or businesses. Apply now

5. Best fintech innovation
Africa is the birthplace of some of the world’s most innovative fintech solutions. This award recognises the best fintech innovation including digital currency, venture capital, mobile money, wallets, P2P, money remittances & transfers, point of sale or funding platforms. Apply now

6. Best health innovation
This award recognises innovations which are improving the health of Africans using mobile or other technologies. Apply now

7. Best educational innovation
Delivering education has many challenges in Africa. This award recognises innovations which are striving to improve education by utilising mobile or other technologies. Apply now

8. Social impact award
This award recognises an inspiring use of technology that has a positive social impact for an African community while contributing to economic and social development. Apply now

9. Best entertainment innovation
Mobile Entertainment is now a burgeoning industry across Africa. This award seeks to recognise the best entertainment innovations. Examples include music, literary, gaming, children’s entertainment, lifestyle and video. Apply now

10. Women in tech award  
This award seeks to recognise the women who are driving technology and innovation in Africa. This might include entrepreneurs, developers, executives, program managers or any women making a positive impact. Apply now

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