This year I was nominated for the ABIE Change agent award and I won!

This was my first experience/attendance of the GHC. I was overwhelmed by the numbers in attendance, 8000 women. Not just women, but women In computing! This was massive! I learned that African, American, Asian, we all face the same problems as women in Tech, just few are region specific. The solution is the same. We need to put aside the fact that we are women and see ourselves as equal to men, can do what men can do and up our skills game. I found the workshops and talks so helpful for me as a women in tech entrepreneur and leader. Truly inspiring and teaching. I have made note of many different things and approaches we need to take in Uganda to improve the situation and all this was at the GHC. I made friends with whom I look forward to collaborating with to make this history. I not only made friends but met role models that I look up to and want to emulate.

I listened to CEOs/Directors of giant tech companies and during the career fair, this was one of my best take aways. I have been thinking to myself why we don’t have such events in Uganda, where employers come to give information and recruit. Then it hit me, ….. None of us has thought of doing or has done. We need to stop saying we will do and start doing instead.

I look forward to working with tech employers and innovators to grow the WIT eco system in Uganda, Africa and the world. WITU, Akirachix and Asikana network have been collaborating over the last couple years and I am glad to have met the asikana crew in person for the first time at GHC!!! we are planning big stuff for WIT Africa in the coming year! You will want to be part of this! its going to be epic….

I am honored to have gotten this award. The journey for me has just begun and I look forward to the day that the technological gender gap will be history. I believe it possible. Don’t like something, change it or do something about it.

Here is my acceptance speech Video.


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