Giving women and girls the tech skills they need for the workforce of the future

By Barbara Birungi Mutabazi, Founder, Women in Technology Uganda

Ahead of Africa Code Week, Barbara Birungi Mutabazi explains why teaching girls coding and computer skills is so important.

Growing up, there was no support for girls to get into computer science careers. My career started out in a software development consultancy firm where I was the only woman on the team. I desperately looked for female role models and guidance on career development but could not find one woman to offer that. Local tech companies back then prefered to hire men and when they did hire women it was only for junior positions.

I decided to start Women in Technology Uganda five years ago to increase the participation of women and girls in the technology sector in Africa. I wanted to create an environment that teaches young girls and women about the opportunities in a technology career, teach them the relevant skills needed get the high paying tech jobs, showcase role models and connect them to the technology sector.

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