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IMG_518715th May kicked off our first of a series of networking events whose purpose is to reignite the women in Tech network it had created a few years earlier. We started the evening off by introducing WITU and the purpose we were all in the room, meeting and creating friendships among women in Tech and startups in Uganda. When we created WITU, we wanted to have a vibrant network of women in tech that share challenges, solutions, learn from one another, share successes, opportunities and a place to find a mentor, or find a young woman to mentor. Find co-founders and start that business, find women who will support your career growth and make new friends!
What I saw on friday was a room filled with women getting to know each other and sharing job opportunities, fellowships for women and making new friends. Discovering each other’s interests and empowering one another.

We need a support system, where women build each others’ confidence in this falsely labeled sector. We value openness, honesty, respect, communication, empathy and trust.


Early this year we launched our code girls level up program  to support our vision, of ensuring that young women that graduate in STEM, find employment in STEM such that we retain more women in Tech and also increase this number.  At the networking event, one of the Level up girls shared that before she joined, though she had graduated with a tech degree, she was not very specific when looking for jobs, nor did she know what direction to take for her career. Ms. Ahairwe acknowledged that this program helped her focus, discover her strengths/interest in tech and gave her a sense of direction! We are proud to be part of this journey. Also, another Level up girl shared with us that she had found a good tech job! Big up Aidah and congrats on your new journey! This week we welcomed a new women owned tech start up at the Hive Colab. Welcome on board Yvonne and Amanda.

We will be meeting every third friday of the month. If you have any opportunities to share, want to build your network, get some advise and basically get more confident about yourself or find a mentor? then please join our circle by clicking on the link below.


These events are supported by WeTech.

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