A future of Hope

The little that I know, I want to pass on to every woman that I cross paths with. The future I envision possible for women and girls, I want every woman to see and believe is possible. The hope of a future where every girl can make choices for their own lives, and smart ones because they are informed. A future where every girl/young woman, goes into marriage by choice not circumstances forcing her too. Where every pregnancy is planned and wanted, where every sexual relation, is consented and  well informed. Where every child has at least two meals a day and is warm at night. A world where poverty is history and I believe it starts with Women believing and hoping for better.

A future where regardless of one’s background, women are working hard to make their own, and not looking at men as the solution to all their problems. One were women can own a piece of land in any region if they so choose and can afford it.  One were no woman is treated as property or lesser than a man. A time when the birth of a every daughter brings the same joy and excitement as that of a son.

I look forward to that time when every girl and woman is digital literate, Not just as a user but an innovator, inventor and creator of technologies.

I want my daughter to grow up into whatever she chooses to be and not feel constrained by any myths about womanhood and STEM. I want her to know that regardless of which country she was born, who her parents are, she can be absolutely anything she wishes to be in this world.

The only limit I see many women have in common, is themselves! We need to rise up and believe in our abilities and have faith. Faith that we will see our dreams come true, because if we do not dream, then their is nothing to come true!

So open go ahead and dare yourself to believe, in yourself and have hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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